Jeans and t-shirts are the staple form of dressing for people all over the world. But the pattern and design of the t-shirts vary from each other. If you are bored with the monotonous slogans as well as childish designs on the t-shirts, then customize your t-shirts with funky prints and catchy phrases.

To custom your t-shirt, all you need to have is a computer, printer, iron box, digital camera and iron-on transfer paper. If you are an artist and want to imprint your art on t-shirts, then you will need a scanner to transfer the design into the desktop. The process of creating a customized t-shirt is simple, timesaving and inexpensive.

Firstly, shortlist the images you desire to see on the custom t-shirt. Add few specifications to the chosen design to make it more personalized. Then, save the design in your computer. Later, depending on the color of the t-shirt, choose an appropriate iron-on transfer paper. Now, place the iron-on paper into the printer and click on the print option to transfer your design onto the paper.

Don’t place the t-shirt on an iron table as the table will not be able to resist the force applied. Instead keep the t-shirt on a flat surface with a soft cloth below it. Make sure than the t-shirt you want to customize doesn’t have any wrinkles before you place the paper. Set the transfer paper on the t-shirt and iron it.

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