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Published on January 25, 2013, by in Fashion.

One of my favorite holidays of all time is just right around the corner! There are very few days I enjoy celebrating more than Saint Patrick’s Day. I like to go out with my friends, knock back an unseemly number of shots, and play Irish folk songs on the jukebox all night long. In my opinion, that’s one heck of a great night. Over the last few years, though, it seems that the atmosphere has gotten less traditional and more like Mardi Gras. Green beads, weird hats, and Irish party shirts are everywhere.

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The culture of guns in America is gigantic. There are so many different types of firearms that it is hard to believe there is an actual market for them all. People are buying the guns, though, and those people are as widespread in their interests as they are geographically. They are also buying plenty of cool gun tee shirts that are being bought by these many different people, and those shirts reflect their lifestyle and the types of guns they like to buy.

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Our faith is our shield, and it is very much needed in the days and age we live in. It has never been harder for a Christian to live his or her life by the strict edicts of God’s command than it is now. God demands witness, and when so many nonbelievers take pride in their blasphemy and declare ardently that “God is dead”. We are God’s soldiers and must stand firm.

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Published on January 21, 2013, by in Fashion.

Guns are just plain cool. Whether in some awesome summer blockbuster or on cool gun tee shirts, the image of the gun has embedded itself in the American psyche to the point of instant recognition. All through history, weapons have imparted a sense of strength to the viewer. When it was the sword, then the image of the sword dominated images and media at that time. When guns came into prominence, then the gun replaced the sword as the primary image of strength and power. We all should know by now that there is nothing cooler in the world than power.

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Published on January 17, 2013, by in Fashion.

There is a popular trend amongst young adults to get on the Internet, find the most offensive thing they can find printed on a shirt, and wear it to places that aren’t exactly appropriate. I don’t think it’s really the fault of these young adults. I think that everyone loves funny t-shirts. I also think that this new generation of college graduate is incredibly desensitized and doesn’t really know what is okay, and what is definitely NOT okay. Here’s some helpful tips:

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Oh, Ireland! My sweet ancestral home! I have never been, but I know my heart belongs on those emerald shores with the stiff wind in my hair and a stout pint of brew in my hand. I also think that it’s a crying shame that there’s just the one holiday that celebrates the heritage of a people who were instrumental in building this great country with their blood, sweat, and pain. Even though we only have the one day, I will still put on my cool Irish t-shirts and celebrate hard enough for ten days of merriment.

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If I were to say that we are experiencing the biggest threat to individual freedom that the United States of America has ever endured, you may call be a paranoid fool. You would be wrong in your assumptions, however, because the stars are perfectly aligned against everything the Founding Fathers had intended for us. We were always meant to be focused on God, Guns, and Family…which is why we should be promoting these things vehemently with our words, our prayers, and our political gun tees.

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Movement in the trees makes my muscles tense and my heart speed. I see the branching antlers and I know this is one I’m taking today. My sights line up for a clean kill through the lungs. I breathe in deeply. I hold it. I squeeze. The weapon jumps in my arms as the deer jumps straight up into the air. The big buck comes down with a crash. I did it. The big fellow is dead and I have my clean kill. Nothing feels quite like it.

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There are towns scattered all over this great United States that have yearly festivals that celebrate town unity. These festivals are usually dedicated to something that the region if known for, such as soybeans or corn. Well, our hometown has a festival too. It’s the Pig Festival, it only happens once a year, and it’s an unreal pork paradise! There’s a local competition every year that centers on pork-themed dishes, and I plan on winning with one of the most insane things ever cooked by mortal man. I’m going to create Bacon on Bacon Crime. I’ve even got some awesome bacon t-shirts made to support my cause.

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Published on December 3, 2012, by in Fashion.

Shopping the web is the ideal way to locate the best Irish tees for any holiday or event. Suppliers have extensive selections in these goods. This makes it possible for people to choose a variety of designs or to find one very specific selection for creating an intended reaction.

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