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Published on November 7, 2012, by in Fashion.

We all know that Vintage design doesn’t appear to be heading anywhere. Nevertheless, exactly what do we mean when we say ‘Vintage’? A lot of people possess individual decades of style in mind; others consider this means anything older compared to last season’s runway! A concept about vintage that hasn’t been embraced by adequate folks is that the shape and cut of the dress is in fact more vital than what era it reminds us of. Nevertheless that there is a huge variety of body shapes and sizes, but not all dresses will flatter every figure. You wouldn’t go into a high street store and buy an item that fit you improperly, so just why do the same for the reason of a retro find?

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Published on October 27, 2012, by in Fashion.

Vintage buying has became a quite a venture: from its plain and simple origins, with young people buying second hand clothes because they could not afford the high street price, to now, where it has became a multi-million dollar business, which both equally feeds off and encourages the whole of the fashion industry.

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