An alpaca is kind of animal that resembles a llama. What it makes it different from a llama is that it is smaller in size and has more hair. These animals are popular because of their durable, warmer, and lustrous hair. This is a material that is being used to make alpaca socks and other kinds of products.

Aside from socks, there are still many items that were made using the hair of alpacas. You have alpaca sweaters, gloves, hats, ponchos, blankets, beddings, and scarves. This is the perfect material for items that are used during a cold weather because the fiber is very effective in keeping the wearer warm and cozy.

When you are using something made out of this kind of animal hair, you have to know the proper way of caring for it. If you are careless, the item might shrink or become get damaged. The best way to wash these items would be to hand wash them. Just make sure that you will not wring the item too hard.

You can also have it dry cleaned if you are scared that you will not be able to do a good job of cleaning it. Dry cleaning is also good for stubborn stains. You must never wash it by using a washing machine. The force is not good for the fibers and is just going to lead to the deterioration of the material.

Another reason why the materials will end up damaged is when something harsh was used to clean it. It is best to avoid substances like bleach because they are too harsh. You have to read the label to see what kind of products you can use. There are now products that are gentle on animal hair products.

When drying the sweater, there are two things that you should do. One is not to put it inside the dryer. The other one is not to hang them on the line to dry. These two methods will only do harm to your baby alpaca yarn. While it is still wet, gently press it to your desired shape so that the sweater will not shrink.

To iron it, the item has to be slightly damp. This can be done by dabbing the surface with a damp cloth. Using a steam iron will also help. Do not iron it directly. Place a cloth on top so the iron will not come in contact with the fibers.

Items like alpaca socks are best worn during winter or during cold nights. Anything made from alpacas can make you feel very warm and luxurious. If you have one, take good care of it.

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