Ted Baker glasses collections for this year were approached as a full top to toe look rather than a separate range. This is as it should be. Fashionistas do not wear one pair of specs a year. Frames should be a part of a working wardrobe, with a style for every occasion. One wouldn’t wear the same cuff links or cameos every day, and opticals should be do different.

This year’s ranges were laid back and idiosyncratic. Where there were tuxedos, there were satin trims and original tailoring that would put a man at the center of attention. The elegant aesthetic was combined with quirky Fifties heavy set frames with a wide, square frame in black.

More casual aesthetics were established using layered polo necks, sweaters and casual grey suit jackets. The look was completed with large lensed tortoiseshell frames that were heavy enough to make a statement. This look is in keeping with many other collections that were unveiled in the 2013 collections at New York fashion week. These are spectacles that will not date for at least another year.

Peter Sellers’ Sixties look epitomizes the men’s optical wear aesthetic for this year as well as next. Collections usually provide a good deal of classic wire and frameless options but these were nowhere to be seen during the presentation of the collections. They are simply a classic provision and won’t be making it into the hippest wardrobes this year.

The year of the Charleston was a huge influence on the women’s collection. There were many princesses strutting down the catwalk wearing frocks with A line skirts that ended at the knee too. Tiaras were added yet the eye wear collection for women lacks detail and femininity.

Women’s collections concentrate more on the shape of the lens than the frame. Practicality and classic comfort seem to be the main concerns. Unlike the clothing line, there are no diamante or floral notes to be seen. Frames are subtle and slight.

The brand focuses on quality with a sense of humor. The sunglasses range showed off this humorous side with lenses of every candy floss shade imaginable. Again, women’s frames are narrow and cleanly lined. Only the lens shades add a sense of fun.

Aviator glasses were a large part of the sunglasses collection but square, heavy set frames are also there. Ted Baker glasses collections for ladies are meant to exist in the background so that the glittering frocks can take the main stage. With the amount of glamor and glitz in ready to wear, there was no other way to do it.

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