All polo shirts are fitted with a button or two on the top of the shirt, and logo is monogrammed into the left corner of the shirt. If you have made up your mind to buy polo shirts then you should be familiar with the following terminologies.

• Women’s Skinny Fit Polo – This shirt has typically shorter sleeves than the classic fit polo shirts, and has arm holes in the higher arm. Women want to look stylish and sportier should opt for this type of shirt because it also highlights the narrower waists.

• Women’s Classic Fit Polo – This shirt is around 1 ½ inches longer at the hems and front than the men’s classic fit polo shirts. This shirt can be teamed with any type of pants, skirts and shorts.

• Men’s Classic Fit Polo – This shirt has comparatively lower sleeve and armholes and it is 1 ½ inches longer than the regular shirt and it fits the body in a relaxed manner. The long back hem of the shirt makes it easier to fold it inside the trousers.

• Men’s Slim Custom Fit Polo – These shirts have higher cut sleeves and armholes. The shirt is 1 ½ inches shorter at the back of the hem, and its front.

You can team the polo shirts with pants, skirts, track shirts, and anything which you desire to wear.

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