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Turban is a special kind of clothing for men worn to cover the head. It has different values for different people in various regions and the style of wearing also varies. Therefore, if someone asks you how to tie a turban, the answer will definitely not be a simple one. The fact is there are different types of turbans styles across the world. The most popular and common ones are headbands worn by Sikh men, Muslim religious elders, Indian men, Iranian leaders, Dessert dwellers and Afghan people. There are also people all over the world who wear turbans to look fashionable.

One of the most common names when it comes to headbands is the Sikh people. They wear it as a sign of respect for their religion since they do not cut their hair. As headbands are quite wide, they are folded several times and then rolled to make them look like a cylinder of cloth. The long hairs also need proper wrapping and flattening. After it is done, the headband is then wrapped around the head and during this process; it is made sure that the forehead and the ears are not covered.

As a tradition, people wear it to keep the hair from causing distractions during prayers among the Muslims. Even among the Muslims it varies from country to country. In general, one wraps it around the head spherically and conically keeping the forehead uncovered. Tying it this way is relatively less time consuming and is easy to remove.

You can also see Indian men wear different colorful turbans. These turbans can be found ready made with jewels on most of them. The different designs may indicate the social status of an individual. Depending on its simplicity, it has the same type of wearing style as for Sikh men.

The word turban is of Iranian origin, as most people believe. The leaders in Iran traditionally wear only black or white colored turbans. The tying system for this headband is identical to that one of Muslim elders which keeps the forehead uncovered. Wearing a headband in Iran is believed to be a symbol of knowledge.

There is a large variety of headbands found among Afghan people and they are usually relatively larger than the others are. Taliban people also wear it as regular clothing. The reason for its being long is that after wrapping it around the head a part of it is left hanging around the shoulder, which is a common style among Afghans.

Some people wear it merely out of necessity and they are dessert dwellers. It is necessary that they wrap their entire head and face with a special kind of white headband to cover themselves from sands, heavy wind and also from the sun. Sometimes they also use turbans to disguise themselves. It is usually a very long cloth designed specially to cover the whole face. First one wraps it around the head and then the face. The face part can easily be uncovered since it is needed more frequently for various purposes.

The bottom line is one simply cannot answer how to tie a turban. However, due to the simple design one can still wear it by oneself. A person will then achieve a great look.

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