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Salon aprons refer to a protective garment used by hair stylists to cover the front part of the body in order to prevent their clothes from coming into contact with the chemicals used. They are usually fastened at the back and may cover all or part of the front part. A wide variety of designs of these garments is available to provide protection depending on the work being done and the type of equipment being used.

They are also referred to as stylist aprons. Hair stylists find them to be of great help in the course of their work not only as protective garments but also for convenience purposes. These garments protect their clothes from stains resulting from hair colors, hair clippings and other chemicals. Moreover they also serve as places for keeping frequently required tools like scissors, hairsprays and combs so that they can be accessed quickly from the pockets on them.

The garments also help in setting the professional tone of the salon. It is advisable to let each stylist choose from the wide variety available based on their individual personalities, tastes and preferences. It is also possible to adopt matching ones for everyone in situations where they form part of the work uniform.

There is a wide variety of protective clothing for salons and it is important to determine the kind required. We have those that are convertible, unisex ones, those for men and those specifically designed to be worn by women. Most of them give more emphasis to style over function and therefore have bold colors and different patterns to create an atmosphere in which everyone is unique.

The most commonly used materials are cotton, nylon and polyester cotton combination. Available in the market are convertible, unisex, male and female aprons. Disposable ones are also available but they are not very popular. Multipurpose ones are also available for busy stylists who use a variety of tools. The materials are chosen to ensure that the aprons are smooth and resistant to anything attempting to stick on them.

It is also possible to customize them to feature the names and logo of the business or those of employees which adds a professional touch to the business. The pockets can also be made to be flat and the width of the openings large enough to increase their effectiveness. Several pockets can also be included depending on the number of tools frequently used by a single stylist.

In addition to the aprons used by the stylists there are those worn by customers as they are served to prevent any damage on their clothes. These are available for use in the salons in different designs and sizes to cater for the diverse customers. There are those meant for kids and others for adults.

Salon aprons besides providing protection and storage services can also be used as uniforms for the employees. These garments form an essential part of the salon equipment and have to be well maintained to preserve the image of the business. It is necessary to ensure regular replacement and cleaning is done.

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