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Pandora is the name of a famous brand of jewellery that originated in Denmark. It has become most known due to its manufacture of charms and accompanying charm bracelets. To date Pandora has produced more than 800 different charm designs which are sold across 50 countries. It also produces a range of other jewellery, including earrings, pendants, rings and watches.

The corporation’s beginnings stem from the couple Per Enevoldsen and his wife, Winnie. Per laboured as a goldsmith and by 1982 they opened a jewellery shop together in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. Per and Winnie repeatedly travelled to Thailand on the hunt for jewellery to sell by means of their Danish shop.

But by 1984 the pair realised it had become advisable to completely focus their efforts on wholesale instead of appearing solely as a retail store. Prompted by their Thailand excursions, they began by opening a production plant abroad. They called it Pandora Productions. From here they recruited Lone Frandsen to style a unique range of jewellery.

From 1987 the business was referred to as simply Pandora, and production was taken back to Per and Winnie’s Denmark with a head office located in Copenhagen. This was also the year the organisation decided to discontinue all retailing. This indicated that Pandora was now solely a jewellery developer and wholesale provider.

Pandora gained an additional jewellery designer in the form of Lisbeth En Larsen in 1996. She worked with Lone Frandsen to help design and define a style of jewellery that would be unique to the brand Pandora.

It was in the year 2000 that the defining moment for the Danish jewellers came into being. That was when Pandora produced its initial line of charms and their bracelets. This was a convenient announcement seeing that charms were making a comeback. However it was Pandora that stood out from the rest by having an idea of “one charm for every unforgettable moment in your life.” Each of these charms were crafted from high quality metals including sterling silver and 14 carat gold. In addition to that, Pandora produced a variety of murano glass charms which were custom made from the Island of Murano in Italy. The combination of high class components and the vast assortment of different designs for sale translated to the charms being an inexpensive extravagance for purchasers.

Pandora also included the clever addition that every single charm was crafted using a patented threading technique. This in effect meant that each individual charm had to be twisted over the threaded ends of the Pandora bracelet to secure it. This turned out to be a sharp tactic by Pandora given that it provided a failsafe that buyers could only screw their Pandora charms onto a corresponding bracelet and not a competing brand.

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