Bright, relaxing and fun are the three words that would best describe Cath Kidston’s creations.

Cath Kidston is an English fashion brand owned and created by the author and fashion designer, Ms. This line manufactures home decorations, mobile phone accessories, clothing for all and the hottest item of all – Cath Kidston bags.

Cath Kidston bags are very much loved and adored by many women today. Perhaps because the bags have girlish and fun designs on them. Aside from that they also come in spots and dots that doesn’t really go out of style. These designs alone truly make the bags irresistible and enticing to many women of today.

All the bags also come in various types. Each one of them made to address every need of the everyday woman. These are the kinds of Cath Kidston bags.

First off is the day bag which you can perfectly contain all of the things you carry every single day such as your wallet, make up, cellular phone, tickler and pen.

Secondly, they have the all-time-favourite hand bags. They are fit for meetings, get-togethers and even for the office. That’s how versatile this Cath Kidston bag can be!

The third Cath Kidston bag is the cross body bag. Cross body bags can either be messenger bags, saddle bags or pocket bags. These bags are the ones to bring for weekend trips and shopping days since both your hands are free from carrying a bag. This is due to the fact that they are small enough to fit in the luggage and they can easily be carried around.

Aside from the bags mentioned above, Cath Kidston also offers all the ladies out there with shoppers’ bags. You can use the bag to contain all your purchases to help minimize the use of plastic bags and in effect save the environment.

Last but definitely not the least are the travel bag fit for weekend trips and vacations.

In the end, it wouldn’t really matter what type of bag you get, as long as the bag’s Cath Kidston, you’ll never go wrong.

Cath Kidston is the bag of choice for the trendy woman of today. Cath Kidston bags information here:Cath Kidston bags

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