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So as a flourishing company you have decided to order one hundred custom pens and two thousand promotional shirts. You have promotional golf products meanwhile coming out of your ears and the cupboard is full of custom mugs. So what do you do with them all? Well far from being a waste there are in fact hundreds of uses for promotional items that will greatly increase the success of your business.

Firstly the clue to corporate gifts is in the name – they are gifts and so you can give them away. The idea is to get rid of them, but you also need to get rid of them intelligently if you are to benefit from them as much as possible.

This means giving them away at trade shows for instance and right away you are benefiting from your merchandise in more ways than one – you get the marketing benefits of having your logo out there, but you also get to attract more people to your stall as anyone is enticed by a free gift.

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