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Another way to give them away is as a gift with another item. This could be listed with the product – for example buy this phone and get a free promotional pen – which will make the phone seem like better value and help you to shift the stock you’re having difficulties shifting. At the same time though you can also use this technique as a surprise which will increase good will for your company and mean that your customer is more pleased with the deal.

In a similar vein you can use promotional products as prizes in a competition. Many people would enter a competition if they thought it meant they could win a drawstring bag and custom USB drive. This way though you then market your business and potentially get space in magazines describing the competition, while at the same time getting contacts for your mailing list. If you’re very clever you can even charge a small amount for entry – less than the value of the custom USB drive and drawstring bags of course – and then get a large cash injection for your business.

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