Liebeskind is a design and manufacturing company based in Berlin. It is currently one of the top makers of bags, belts, and accessories across Europe. They hold a very distinctive array of products that separate them from mainstream and generic brands. They also have established a reputable and very positive image when it comes to developing and conceptualizing distinctive and trademark designs for their products.

Among the various products they make, Liebeskind handbags stand out. The series of handbags the brand makes enjoys a type of quality and class that are the best in terms of price. All of them symbolize distinctiveness, top level quality, and are made from the most durable and softest leather one could find. Liebeskind utilizes an engineered combination of high class leather and fabric that manifest comfort and durability in one. As for the brand’s principle, manufacturing bags isn’t really just about very attractive designs and colors; it’s the structure and function of the handbags that count the most.

To date, the company owns a collection of fashionable and high end handbags that are unsurpassed in quality. As for bag collectors and experts, they think that Liebeskind bags have the edge in the area of affordability without sacrificing quality. The exclusiveness of design and putting priority on a small price tag give them that much afforded edge to competing brands of bags.

Top Liebeskind Handbags

Joy – this model is one of the many preferred and popular handbags from the brand. It is special for various aspects. It is designed to be handy with a sleeker format. It also has a rounded orientation for a more unique approach to fashion. Additionally, the well laid out interior of the bag is coupled with highlighted topstitch seams and leather bands. That’s not all though! The manufacturer is also helping a good cause when selling this bag! Every bag purchased includes donated proceeds to a youth center construction in Africa.

Mara – Next product in line is the multipurpose Mara. If handiness is the forte of Joy, Mara on the other hand is mainly designed for all purpose needs. It is that type of handbag that’s useful for any event or occasion, and that includes formal or casual events travel, or as handbag for work. The best thing about Mara is that the size fits well with anything you use it for. It isn’t too big or too small. The design and overall look is quite modern but not too flashy.

Jenny – Jenny meanwhile is the last to be reviewed and it surely isn’t the least among the three. It is named as a pouch bag but it is not to be underestimated. It even possesses probably the best design amongst the three. Jenny wears interlaced bands that fit quite impressively with both young and old. It can complement different getups as well.

To conclude, Liebeskind handbags are one of the more practical brands to opt for when you’re looking for really great and stylish designs without the despicable price tags. They retain the right level of quality you would normally get in the more expensive designer handbags.

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