In the past, barbers and beauticians alike never had any stringent protocols regarding the cleaning of equipment being used. Most of them are content with just wiping the tool or removing the hair of another customer from the comb. This was the case until the Barbicide jar was introduced to the business industry.

Maurice King is credited to have come up with the formula for the solution. As an inside joke, he named the substance as such since the creator said to have hated barbers. It has since elevated the industry to a new high since most equipment and tools are no longer wiped with a handy rag to be cleaned.

It is an effective viricide, fungicide and germicide. Since its invention in nineteen forty seven, most barber shops have used it and has spread toward neighboring towns. In addition to its germicide effect, it can also kill viruses that cause tuberculosis.

The substance is not meant to be used as a hospital equipment disinfectant since its properties are only formulated for tools that rarely come in contact with blood or skin. Also, its use is limited to barber shop tools and equipment only. There are other chemicals that are far more stronger than the solution and can be used to disinfect hospital equipment.

The substance is applied on the surface and the tool and let it stand for a period of time. There are also a wipes version of the substance which can be left to stand for at least two minutes before using it again. Check the label for further instructions on how the product is to be used.

The company claims that the disinfectant effects of the substance last better than most brands. Its distinct blue color can outlast any disinfectant. Still, it has been authorized government agencies advise that the substance is solely for barbershop use only.

barbicide jar has been an industry leader when it comes to disinfecting salon equipment. The sixty four year old company pulls annual profits of up to five million dollars. An ammonium compound is said to be the active ingredient in the substance.

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