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In every culture worldwide, the mode and style of dressing proves to be an indefinite thing that is unique among all of them. However, the use of hats and caps has proved to be an in thing for all of them. The makes and designs are nevertheless different in every society. The use of caps in the old west 1870 to 1900 became very much significant. The invention of the old western hats should be accredited to the great john Stetson as he made the first cowboy cap. The feather hat has since emerged as the changes within the fashion industry continue to grow.

With the recent changes and development within the fashion industry, many ideas have since propped up for the caps make. The old western hats have been modified to fit into the current word fashion. One significant design is using the quill on the hat.

The major reason as to why these designers use the barbs to create these caps is because of the culture associated with it. In the past, the feather placed on a warriors head signified his victory and heroism. This provided a great sense of admiration to this heroes and this is what this designers seek to achieve with the barb fedoras.

Making the barb caps is not just picking any feather from a bird and implanting it on the cap. The designers have to ensure that the plumes are specially treated. This is so as to make them long lasting, viable and admirable and as well protect them from damages.

The barb caps have been world widely accepted and used every now and then. These wears give a sense of class especially when worn during special occasions and with the right other dressing. Cowboys and cowgirls give the caps a sense of admiration especially when marched with the boots and the cowboy wear.

The caps have also received much acceptance within the modeling fashion sectors. Models showcase the application of this quill hats on beach wear and even casual wear categories. This greatly shows how the utility of barb caps has revolutionized over the years.

Along the beaches, the barb caps are a common feature as many people try to shield themselves from direct sunlight. This however gives a great look especially when it is marched well with the bikini. Also during many festivals, celebrations and dinner dates, wearing a feather hat for the women is significant. Celebrations such as the Halloween and even during football matches, a cap is always crucial to have.

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