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Man buy sports cars, women buy Christian Louboutin. Then you can see how important Christian Louboutin shoes are for women!

The Christian Louboutin shoes are amazing, pretty comfy, and sexy and the red soles….The shoes are perfect. Besides that, the heel has the sexiest shape. if you wear them, you are in a little club with all other women that can afford (or choose to starve) to wear them. Its unique design, reliable quality and incomparable shape attracted millions of women all around the world, blew fierce typhoon in the fashion industry. When I am out and a woman with a red heel catches my red heel, we give one another a smile. It’s the Ferrari for fashionista.Christian Louboutin sale in five stores of the United States, two are in New York, the others were in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Orange State. Some stores are planning to be opened in Bal Harbour, Boston and Chicago. In Asia, Christian Louboutin outlet started in the center of Orange Street in October 2007. After that, Christian pumps entered the financial shopping center in Beijing, Chinese capital, in March 2008. At the same year, Louboutin began to sell men shoes.

But in some cases, just that… I mean god knows I do love his shoes, but most of those sexy platforms run extremely narrow towards the toe! Well, at least to me. How will you deal with when this situation happens?

But first you should know is that you have to sacrifice yourself and devote some happy of yours to the beauty and sexy what Christian Louboutin shoes bring. At last, what will you do when Christian louboutin shoes aren’t so red after a few nights out in the city. Usually it will take few months after the Christian louboutin shoes aren`t so red after wearing a few nights, during those time, please fully enjoy yourself. And then you can paint the same red color or go to the special stores to ask help, which will make you can wear the shoes just like the new and more long.

Still, being that I’m reviewing it, the above complaints haven’t stopped my continued patronage to the brand. Christian louboutin shoes are so popular, sexy and elegant that you can`t help to love it when you see it at first eyes.

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