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Jewelry making is an art that requires a specific set of tools in order to get the best results. Having the proper tool kit can be time-saving, promoting efficient and precise work. There are lots of extra tools and other gadgets that do all sorts of fancy things for different end results. However, having the basic set of important tools means that a jewelry maker can do practically anything that comes to mind with a little time and practice.

First and foremost, every jewelry maker needs a set of pliers. Pliers come in many different shapes and forms, but they are at the top of the list in order to be able to do anything at all. The pliers in question are not the same type of pliers used for household repairs. For accessory making, pliers are small and have smoother surfaces, to ensure that wire work does not get nicked or damaged during handling.

Flat nose pliers are the most fundamental of all pliers. They are also called chain nose pliers. They are used for a variety of techniques and applications when making pieces that use beads and wire. The jaws of these pliers are shaped like a beak, which is able to bend and straighten wire, close jump rings, or simply keep things steady as you work.

Round nose pliers have jaws with a conical shape. The jaws get narrower closer to the tip. There are no grooves in this type of pliers, in order to not scratch or nick any metal or wire whilst working. Round nose pliers are used to create different sizes of loops. They can close and open jump rings and produce consistently smooth lengths of looped wire.

Other pliers available to you, but not as vital as those already mentioned, are the crimping pliers, the wire looping pliers and the nylon tipped pliers. The first of these three works for crimp beads, by flattening them smoothly without damaging the attached loop. The second set is great for quick and easy loop work with wire. The third set of pliers has a special soft tip that can be replaced, which is good for handling particularly delicate materials.

If you are going to work with wire then you are going to definitely need to get a pair of cutters. You can choose between flush cutters or bevel cutters. Bevel cutters are less expensive, probably because it requires more work to finish the project after cutting wire at an angle. This leaves a wire tip that often requires you to file it down to finish. The other kind, however, cut to provide a flat finish to the wire tip.

Any rough tips or edges left by a pair of cutters will need filing, so a file is also a necessary item. Files can be used on beads as well as on wire. They come in sets with a variety of sizes so that the right size can be used for the right project.

Finally, when it comes to jewelry making tools, a kit is incomplete without a pair of tweezers for ease and precision; some needles for beading; and also thread or thin wire for beading. It is best to have a range of needle sizes to suit the type of project. Glue is also great to have on hand for a variety of reasons. There are many different types of adhesives available to suit any kind of artwork.

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