Published on September 17, 2011, by in Custom Tshirts.

Next, think about the text you want to include on the custom clothing. If the custom clothing is a gift, try to think about what the recipient would like to walk around wearing. Popular choices include the person’s name, any nicknames they might have, the date of their birthday, a particular phrase which you both enjoy or a joke or memory which you have shared. If the custom clothing is to be used by a business or organisation it is common to include the organisation name and the motto or slogan. Custom clothing also gives you a chance to display your contact details to the world.
When including text on custom clothing, try to use a text that is clear and easy to read. Some fonts which look handwritten or particularly curly can look beautiful, but when everyone starts squinting at your clothing it can become a bit irritating. Instead it is worth using a clear and bold font that is large and easy to read. It is also worth remembering trying to keep the writing on the custom clothing clear and concise. A paragraph of text could be the perfect chance to convey your organisation aims but it will not catch the eye.

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