Golf polo shirts are widely used these days. One of the reasons why men love wearing golf polo shirts is that these clothes are not too formal and not too casual at the same time. A lot of business companies have already chosen to wear golf polo shirts as their official uniform. These types of clothes are also being worn in corporate events and other types of semi-formal gatherings. If you are creating a golf shirt design for your company or even for personal purposes, you might want to consider the following tips:

• Keep your design simple – Keep your design simple so that your shirt will not look like a small advertisement board. Simplicity makes any design look very fantastic.

• Use colors for your design that will match the color of your shirt – The colors of your design should not go against the color of your golf shirt. For example, if you are creating a design for a black golf shirt, you might want to avoid using too much dark colors.

• Choose between screen printing and embroidery – If your design is not really that complex, you might want to go for embroidery. The good thing about embroidery is that it makes your golf shirt look more formal. But if your design is a little bit complex and has a lot of colors, it is a good idea to go for screen printing.

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