Custom t-shirts are very popular nowadays. There are tons of stores out there that let you design your own shirt and they will do the printing. In fact, you can even order customized shirts online. If you are planning to make a design for your very own custom shirt, the following are some tips to consider:

• Avoid getting pictures from the Internet – As much as you love the pictures that are available in the Internet, it is not advisable to get them an incorporate them in your own shirt design. You have to create the design yourself or you could select photos that you have taken yourself.

• Make a high resolution design – You would not want the print to turn out blurry. After all, no one wants to wear a shirt that is very pixelated. Try to consult with the shirt printer regarding the best image resolution for your design.
• Try to be unique – Avoid using text as the only component of your design. Try incorporating some fancy decorative details. When it comes to creating images, always try to be unique and creative.

• Minimize color use – Your shirt that features tons of colors might end up very uninteresting or even messy to look at. Try to stick with a few colors and use the ones which will look great with your shirt color.

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