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The turbulent 1960s not only changed politics, but also had a profound effect on the way people dress. That historic era saw an explosion of colorful clothing, and the cotton t-shirt was a blank page just waiting to be decorated or tie-dyed. Tshirt printing today has become an effective mode of advertising a product, or expressing in-your-face opinions in a very personal but public way.

Even though thousands of the plain white type are still being sold, custom-designed prints are practical, popular, and can be seen everywhere. There are several techniques in use today for duplicating a host of images ranging from company logos, slogans, and personal portraits, to popular paintings. One of the most widely used methods of creating these products is screen printing.

This method is not only economical, but has a proven history of success, having been used on a variety of other materials including paper, plastics, and wood. The colors it produces are durable, versatile, and visually brilliant. The process has been in effective use for many years, and the modern version combines traditional techniques with modern, digital elements.

The finished screen prints are commonly crisp and clear. The screens themselves are often saved for future prints, and the pigments endure well through repeated washing. For designs that will be produced in a limited edition, however, a heat transfer technique is often used, primarily on white material that does not affect the tones of the colors. The resulting images are good, but do not last quite as long as those that are screen printed.

Digital transfer techniques are also gaining in popularity and practicality. This method is especially useful in the duplication of designs that employ especially intricate artwork, or use a multitude of different colors, especially when only a small number of the finished product is needed. The process is most useful in producing a smaller quantity of extremely high quality t-shirts, and helps keep costs lower.

Most humans enjoy people watching. Wearing a customized t-shirt makes a statement that often gets noticed more readily than even the most in-your-face billboard, or annoyingly repetitive television commercial. As advertising that can be worn, printed t-shirts are hard to beat. They are inexpensive and trendy, can be worn and seen nearly anywhere, and their unique messages make them memorable, a prized quality in the world of advertising.

They are also excellent for generating a sense of togetherness or teamwork at the office, in the classroom, or on the playing field. Not only do they engender a spirit of unity, but can help motivate a group of totally unrelated, uninterested individuals. They are ideal for giving away as premiums on such occasions as office picnics or important meetings, family reunions, or even as gifts for special house guests.

The availability of tshirt printing websites makes ordering a special design simple and quick. Whether the image or message you need must reflect conservative company values, or needs to appeal to a much younger audience, it can be imprinted on a quality cotton t-shirt. Most people enjoy getting a high-quality shirt, and will continue to wear it long after the special occasion has ended.

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