A wide array of options is available for creating Gothic Halloween costumes. Portrayed as dark vampires in legends the popularity of Goth clothing continues today. This makes it easy to find Gothic accessories and customize your own version of the dark and threatening Gothic Halloween costume.

This style calls for thick dark lines around the eyes and black or blood red lipstick. Pale makeup on the face adds a pallor that highlights the lined eyes, shadowed cheeks and dark lips. Jewelry is pewter or tarnished silver and tends toward crosses, stars and studs. The word “pretty” doesn’t exist when your are dressing in Gothic Halloween costumes.

If you’re skilled with makeup application, add a few dark accents to your face. Around the eyes is a favorite place to do so. Anything you like can work, even flowers could be added in black. Simple shapes like stars, or more elaborate details that involve flowing lines (such as vines) or other interesting patterns.

Adding the hint of color such as dark blue or very dark red and smudging dark gray or brown shadows below your cheekbones adds to the depressing element of Goth attire. The small touches of color serve to highlight the lack of color in clothing and accessories.

Think of Victorian night disguises when choosing your dark outfit or think of the dresses worn by vampires in old movies. You can be well covered in a long and flowing garment with layers of fabric and lots of movement or be trimly dressed in an undertaker’s suit. Gothic costumes for the ladies can be more revealing and may be dresses or a lady may wear leather.

Torn fishnets and shredded garments add a nice effect to your overall Goth look. Arm warmers can also be warn in any color. Some even feature stripes, lace or ties. Leather is a big component to any Goth look. Leather collars can be worn, complete with attached chains if you desire. Wide wrist bands compliment the style as well, some with studs and other plain.

Depending on your total costume your foot wear may or may not be visible to viewers. Shoes will be dark in color and combat boots or any clunky black boot is a good choice. Sneakers or light colored shoes will destroy the impression of the total costume so leave them in the closet for a Gothic Halloween. For ladies who are showing a lot of leg, combat boots might be replaced with black stiletto heels. Shoes or boots with straps, chains, buckles or studs are perfect for Gothic wannabes.

Gothic Halloween costumes come in all varieties. Much like “zombification” you can “gothify” any famous person through your costume. If you prefer, wear your every day clothing with Gothic accents. Go all the way with a dark Victorian style. Male or female, remember to keep a black eyeliner pencil handy as well. Gothic Halloween costumes can be a fun way to express your inner darkness. Edited by Hetsil Protage–Vampire-Costumes-title0-p-1-c-339.html Find the gothic vampire chic this Halloween through

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