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Planning a school event is a time consuming process. In addition to coordinating volunteers, organizing booths, games and food, there are plenty of little details that must be considered. Favors or perhaps prizes might need to be ordered. For some out-of-the-box favor ideas, check out these LED light-up items.

There are many LED Glow products that are both clever and inexpensive, such as flashing pins. These blinking, flashing LED items are offered in a huge assortment of designs. Consider a school bus or apple pin for a general school fundraiser. A baseball, football or cheering horn pin might be a great item to pass out at a sports booster event. For graduation parties, there are pins in the shape of graduation caps.

There are several other inexpensive choices to think about, especially LED jewelry. There are glowing bracelets in dozens of colors and styles. LED necklaces are available in solid colors or you can opt for a necklace with a light-up pendant. There are pendants to fit just about any imaginable theme. If possible, purchase items at a specialty LED distributor, such as, which offers wholesale, bulk pricing and fast shipping for custom glow sticks, glow bracelets, glow necklaces, and more.

If you are hosting a graduation party, there are tons of fun novelty LED items, such as key chains in a graduation cap theme. These can be customized to feature the graduation year. Light-up pom poms in school colors, of course, are another fun novelty that students are sure to enjoy.

If you are having a specific theme for a fundraising, such as a casino night or a Mardi Gras night, there are LED products to suit just about any theme. For example, for a luau night, consider purchasing light-up leis and glow cups with a hibiscus design. For a casino night, light-up, LED dice might be a fun party item.

In addition to picking out theme-related items, there are plenty of other LED items to consider. For example, there are dozens of different colors and styles of LED drinkware. You can find flashing, blinking or glowing wine glasses, champagne flutes, soda glasses, mugs and much more. There are also LED glasses in a graduation theme, as well as many other styles that will suit a themed party.

There are also LED decorations, including LED balloons that come in several different colors. Imagine the expression on your guests’ faces when they see the room decorated with LED balloons. LED candles are also a fun and sensible choice. They offer a wonderful glow without any of the danger of real candles, which is particularly ideal at a school event.

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