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If you are under the assumption that there hasn’t been a war on American soil since the Civil War, then you are being quite foolish. This is not a conflict against terrorists or communists, but rather against the Devil himself. Our only weapon against this terrible foe is our ability to witness to others. One silent, constant way we can do this is with Christian tees.

The weapons the enemy employs against people are subtle and easy-to-miss. Satan employs the media as a master tactician employs troops on a battlefield. He delivers sinful messages daily in the form of television and movies, made by people who unwittingly serve him. They tell it is okay to have sex with many partners and to act selfishly against God’s Will. While not nearly as potent, Christian t-shirts can be used as a weapon to fight back in some small measure.

Our enemy is as powerful as any natural disaster and as cunning as any villain could be. If you think for one instant that he hasn’t taken a special interest in you personally, then you are being a fool. Satan wants you to fail, and he’s made things like wearing Christian t-shirts so unstylish that it has become a painful decision to actually wear them.

I do not want to make Christians feel guilty when our whole faith should be based on victory and love, but something must be said about the lukewarm nature in many of us. No one has ever lied to you and told you that being a Christian would be easy. “The path to hell is straight and paved…” is a great reminder that we must constantly be working toward our salvation. If you ever feel that things are going easily, then you need to buckle down, put on your Christian tees, and take your gospel to the streets.

Our witness is all we have to fight back with, I’m afraid. There are people dying every day without knowledge of God’s love, and that is our fault. If we can silently convey the message that God is Love silently on the breast of our Christian tees, then we are one step closer to spreading God’s good Word each day. Make a commitment to God and find yourself a Christian t-shirt today.

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