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When your bath needs a definite improvement, consider using decorative soaps to create a home spa. Adding pretty shapes and fragrances can do much to pick up the spirits. Just changing to a new color or favorite theme can make a relaxing escape out of a practical place.

Shopping online is a wonderful way to discover all sorts of pretty soaps. There is a theme and color to match every taste. When you see octopus, lobsters, hearts and cowboy boots, you begin to see that anything is possible and choosing what your new theme might be can be fun.

When a spa atmosphere is what you really want, though, you may enjoy buying colorful sea shells, leaves or hearts. These tiny soap sculptures immediately capture the theme and offer something special to guests, too. Generally, the fragrances are very nice. Light citrus and floral notes often refresh the senses and the air so that what you see and inhale is pretty. Retreating into this type of space is one great way to recharge your batteries after a long work day.

Handmade soaps add beauty and style to your bathing retreat. These are often filled with natural ingredients that are soothing to skin and spirit. There is a luxury and elegance about simple shapes and basic colors that creates relaxing cleansing rituals. Look for lavender, cinnamon, coconut or lemongrass for the best of nature in your own spa. The simplicity of design these offer can contribute to the zen atmosphere you may be craving.

Plain whites and creams often are the most luxurious soap colors sold. Embossing is a common technique to add elegant floral designs, signature ribbons or simple shells to these items. The best are triple milled, so the texture is smooth and silky.

Pretty sculpted soap can come in fanciful shapes such as pine cones, acorns and maple leaves. These give your decor a feeling of bringing the outdoors in. Placing an assortment in a rustic dish can add an autumn flair to an earth toned room. What makes these appealing is the unexpected. Bringing a smile and sense of relaxation, these are a complete step away from the ordinary.

Unique shapes such as coral, sea urchins or sand dollars might be a fresh new direction for a beach themed bath that has become tired of shells or lighthouses. Some companies offer these in assorted natural colors, so the old color decor need not dominate unless you choose it to do so. When your tired room has lost its freshness, then a color change from the old to new naturals is a nice way to upgrade without spending a fortune.

When you use decorative soaps you can quickly uplift your bath from everyday to elegant. Choosing the fragrances and quality ingredients of the spas will allow you to bring relaxation and a bit of indulgence into your space. Liberally filling the room with indulgent items will bring you pleasure and relaxation. It is easy to bring about changes that will enrich your cleansing ritual and leave you refreshed again for the next day to come.

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