With runways and highways getting more vivid, gaudy and stylish than a Katy Perry concert, finding a modern fashion boutique must have topped off your must-do list. From cardigans to pencil skirts, wrap dress, one-piece suits or casual shorts with teeny-booper shirts and blouses, indeed, today’s simple dressing is nothing but glitz and glam with colors. But instead of going for the Rainbow Brite appeal, sticking to bold colors of at least three types will help attain a great look. To get you started in your style-hunting trip, here are some great ways how.

Sniff around numerous Brooklyn clothing boutiques. When it comes to shopping, there is always one handy in its ever busy streets. Some even put their lunch breaks into good use by having a quickie meal nearby and spending at least thirty minutes taking down notes on shops to visit as soon as the short hand points at five.

But when it comes to shopping for wide-ranging collection, finding an online fashion boutique is still the best solution to your thirst for style and uniqueness. As most stores are increasing their online presence, the more wide-ranging is your chance to find what you need. In all these, choosing a vendor which operates near you will do the trick.

From wholesalers to branded marketers, re-sellers and independent players, online fashion stores are truly efficient ally in updating your closet with the latest trend. However, a word to the wise, always check veracity of your preferred merchant via the Better Business Bureau for possible scams and complaints. You have to keep in mind that buying online will make you send out classified information about yourself like credit card, bank account and address which, by the way, are potential magnets for disasters.

Tap instead your trusted fashionista crowd. Ask equally stylish friends or family members who are known to do their shopping online. These people normally provide great tips and pointers on how to shop things right and will give you sound information on websites they frequent.

Have fun talking with fashionable strangers. If you happen to bump into someone and you love her sense of style, why not take a go at it. Ask where she shops. Nothing beats a friendly vibe.

Finding a modern fashion boutique is no rocket science. There will always be a store for you to run for help. The key in achieving a truly unique look without deviating largely from current trend is to learn how to mix and match. Your own personal style will help guide you in finding what you need.

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