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A promotional cooler bag could be a very good idea for a promotional gift for a company that specialises in frozen foods or some sort of fresh produce, you could even give them away in-store on hot days as a way of helping to keep your customers food cool on the journey home – this would be a nice way of personalising your customers shopping experience with you and is sure to build in some sort of customer loyalty somewhere down the line. Many promotional products like this one can be used over and over and have a very long life so they can be a great investment for your company to make, allowing you to advertise to potentially thousands of people over a period of many many years.

Another great point of handing out free promotional gifts and merchandise is that it makes your company appear to be trustworthy and well off, as not everyone can afford to give away free items. Customers may feel that they are more likely to trust a company to provide a good service for a long period of time if they can afford to spend money giving away freebies, a long with the added bonus that they get to keep your free gift.

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