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They are quite good because you can almost guarantee that they be worn at golfing events and so you can be quite unique in the group of people that you are targeting. Usually high end businesses use it as a form of advertising to more middle class people. Charity golf events are a popular event where you can almost guarantee that you will see some golf shirts embroidered without messages from charities and other groups, and they can be a great way of building a team spirit and ethos whilst also promoting a charity or business.

There’s a huge variety of promotional gift ideas that you could easily incorporate into your business if you wished to, and they are an excellent way of reaching out to your customers in a friendly and helpful way, whilst they are probably quite oblivious that they are going to be inadvertently promoting your company by wearing the item or using it somehow in their daily life. Popular promotional gift ideas can include pens which have a company’s information inscribed on them, notepads containing contact information for a company, hats with promotional messages on them, bags with a company logo on and contact information, etc.

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