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A promotional product like a notepad or pen is a particularly good item to use to spread the word of your company because it will get used many times probably by every member of your household. It is a form of subconscious advertising, and without ever realising it the people that use the promotional merchandise will probably remember the name of that company for a very long time, which is exactly what you want. It is likely that they will recommend the company name to other people, not necessarily because they have used that company themselves but simply because they remember the name and remember what it is that they do. Promotional merchandise can be used to almost brainwash the people that use it, allowing you to advertise 24/7 under the noses of the people that use the merchandise.

Promotional products and merchandise are also a very effective way of spreading positive messages and feelings towards your company. For example, if you receive a free bottle opener from a local supermarket that has just opened up in town then you are likely to be impressed with their generosity and may feel obliged to come into the store and take a look around, and probably end up buying something.

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