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You should have no problems without getting the customer to wear the promotional garment if this is what you choose to give away, as people happily wear clothing with company logos and suchlike without feeling like an advertising board if they are well designed – just look at Nike. Also in today’s current financial climate where people are struggling to cope with the high costs of living you can almost guarantee that people will be happy to accept free promotional products and to use them too, as people have woken up to becoming more thrifty and willing to recycle items and suchlike.

Cooler bags with company logos and tag lines are another popular choice by promotional gift companies, with the likes of supermarkets often giving promotional cooler bags away to customers as a way of spreading good will and spreading the name of their company. It makes sense for a company to give away a cooler bag with their logo embroidered onto the front of it instead of simply giving away a plain cooler bag, and although it would cost extra to have a company’s information presented on the bag it would be far more beneficial to them instead of handing out a standard bag.

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