Published on December 16, 2010, by in Custom Tshirts.

Another popular use of personalised t-shirts is the entertainment market, and if you go to any nightclubs or pubs on a busy night you are almost guaranteed to see a group of lads or women wearing t-shirts with their own nicknames printed on the back or on the front, usually as part of a stag-do or other special occasion. The personalised t-shirts are used in this form to give the group of people more entertainment, with the t-shirt acting in a weird way to give the individuals a feeling of power and of togetherness. It is also a very good way for the group to introduce themselves to other people, and so is quite an effective way of gaining the attention of opposite members of sex. There are now many companies that cater to the entertainment side of t-shirt personalisation, with lots of shops set up on high streets that sell personalised t-shirts, hoodies, bags, coats, shorts, and various other items of clothing.

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