Published on December 16, 2010, by in Custom Tshirts.

It also works as a sort of recommendation, as the person will probably only wear t-shirts from a business that it trusts – its quite unlikely that you would wear a t-shirt which promotes a company which you hate.

Not only does promotional clothing act as a kind of real-life walking talking billboard, but it allows your company to advertise very cheaply to a massive range of people, yet is a very personalised form of advertising which appeals directly to people. The average person probably encounters quite a large group of people in a typical day, perhaps encountering 30 or so people who are likely to see the text printed on their t-shirt (or other promotional garment), so in a typical month you could be advertising to a hundred or so people if they only wear that t-shirt 3 or so times out of 30 days, which is quite a believable amount.

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