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As competition prizes: Competitions are a great PR campaign that will get people talking about your business. If you charge a small entry fee it can also be a fantastic way to quickly inject some more profit into your company for no real work. If the prize is then a selection of promotional products you have a win-win situation as the winner of the competition will also give you further free promotion.

As a thank you: Finally sometimes it’s nice to give away promotional products just as a gift. You might give someone who comes into your building a pen for example to take home with them, or you might include promotional hats in packages containing large orders. This is a great way to spread your brand to maximum number of people and means you can tightly control the number you send out and measure their success. At the same time this unexpected gift is always going to go down well with customers who are likely to be warmed by the gesture and of course more likely to use your business in future. Not only have you secured their future custom then, but also that of people who notice the free gift, making this technique a great investment – and one that feels good too.

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