Published on July 29, 2010, by in Custom Tshirts.

As special offers: This is a great way to entice someone to buy items or sign up to services that you are having difficulties shifting. At the same time it can make your offer seem more attractive and help you to beat the competition. For example you might say ‘subscribe for a year and get a free promotional t-shirt‘. Alternatively you might say ‘buy this kettle and get two free men’s golf shirts’. You want the customer to use the golf shirts anyway as it is free promotion for your business, but by giving it away as part of a deal you are also likely to get extra cash for them as you might sell more of the service than you would have otherwise. This slightly increased profit margin can even pay for the men’s golf shirts for you meaning the deal costs you nothing (and even if it doesn’t, the increased custom that will come from spreading your brand will).

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