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Sequin dresses have literally been worn for millennia. Evidence has been found dating to 2500 BC in India of dresses adorned with gold coins. Precious metals and coins have therefore been considered, for a long time, a way to convey luxury and glamour. They portray style and glamour, reflecting light and dazzling onlookers with their eye catching detail. A sequin dress is a classic and fail-safe way to bring the glitz of Hollywood to your outfit, in a feminine and fun way.

Sequin dresses come in a variety of garments, starting with the arrangement of the sequins them selves. Based on just how fluid a look you want, sequins might be rigidly attached to the dress; sewn tense, they produce a fishtail, mermaid iridescent result that – while an added bonus – increases the toughness of the article.

Attached like this, the sequins are likely to keep intact for many wears, allowing you to enjoy the piece over the years, and not worry too much as you dance the nights away. On the other hand, when sequins are attached in a looser way, so that they hang from the dress, it produces a tassel tapestry style. The key effect of this design is that the sequins are able to reflect much more light, producing an incredibly beautiful result. Swaying with your movement, these sequins will impress and hypnotize.

Depending on the design desired, sequins have the potential to be arranged into incredibly intricate designs. Florals, harlequin styles, geometric patterns; sequins can be incorporated into a whole range of styles, illustrating their versatility. Subtle changes in the colours of the sequins across a dress can produce a gorgeous ombre effect, fitting into one of this year’s biggest trends. A sparse of use of sequins on an otherwise detailed dress, such as a tutu or Grecian style fluid chiffon dress, provides an interesting contrast and adds an extra hint of shine and glitter.

Sequins are a good preference for a Prom dress because they add a passion that may well normally need to originate from expensive fashion accessories and diamond jewelry. A glossy shift dress in metallic radiant shades is more rather than remarkable enough, and also accessorized basically, delivers a stylishness and also elegance. You can even, if you love, tone down the Hollywood effect of the sequins with a simple blazer or classic synthetic leather jacket. This will deliver a relaxed aspect and nonchalance to your current appearance, showing you don’t have to seek to difficult to appear that fantastic.

This will bring a casual element and nonchalance to your own style, displaying you don’t need to seek to difficult to appear that fantastic. If you appreciate a sequin shift dress and are wondering about how you can break up the detail, a contrasting waist belt is the ideal solution: it is going to flatter your trusty shape, settle down the color, yet still emphasize the sequins by juxtaposing all of them with an additional material.

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