Most people, who are cognizant about fashion, are mindful of how their fingers look. Proper hygiene in the hands is important for both men and women. At times, people make assumptions about this fact. A human nail takes times to grow; thus it requires utmost care for it to grow health. However, since they take time to grow, people have preferred sticking artificial nails to boost their hands appearance.

The innovation of this idea has taken over the market and pleased many customers. They can be fixed in a very short time. They are available in different shapes, and designs thus give a variety to choose. They are made of different materials to suit the wants of users.

The imitations come in different types. They include gel imitations, wrap, acrylic and the type that are pressed on the finger. The acrylics are the most readily available in the market. They are long and long lasting in nature. They are fixed with a mixture of polymers and monomers and left to dry. Once dry they should be shaped according to the user.

Furthermore, the gel imitation is clear and shiny making it possess an attractive, natural look. The synthetic imitations are stacked with gel and then are exposed to ultra violet light to make them dry. This brand is long lasting. To make these imitations strong, you are advised to touch water frequently. In addition, imitations are typically fixed and allowed to grow with the original nail.

Some of the innovations can be mounted at home by a customer. This is useful to users who have busy schedules. To fix them, there is a glue that is recommended for their use. Manuals giving steps of use are given with the packages.

Before the application of these replications, the fingernails must be prepared. Any polish that was applied needs to be carefully removed. The fingers should then be soaked to soften the cuticles. The hands can then be dried with a towel ready for the process.

When mounting these replications, you need to wear gloves to prevent chemicals from getting into contact with your hands. Once you mount them, proper care must be taken. The finger cuticles must continually be moisturized to prevent infections.

A user can style up the artificial nails with designs. They can be painted, or art decals could be applied. These innovations can stay up to two weeks. When removing they should be put in acetone, and they will speedily come off on their own.

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