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Building a reliable wardrobe for men is as easy as pie if you just know the exact clothing pieces it must hold. This is a long term investment from which you can benefit for the different seasons in your life. Relying on your own taste in clothes and reading about fashion tips for men may not be enough for you to create a great closet. Speak to someone whose fashion taste you can trust. Buy some magazines which can show you how to dress up in different occasions. In connection to that, the following ideas would tell you what pieces look good together with regards to the event you are preparing for.

In this article, you will get an overview of the items which would work best with your goal of dressing well whole year round. To start off, you must be keen in choosing a nice suit for your body type. If you have budget to spend, go for a custom-made one. With this, you can be assured that you own a set that is not too loose and too tight. This wardrobe for men essential comes in three pieces – the suit jacket, dress shirt and dress pants. For the jacket and pants, choose a solid fabric in black, dark blue or charcoal grey especially when you are young. You can opt for lighter colors like light brown or light grey if you are older. Nothing beats a white dress shirt as tucked under these suit jackets, but you can still wear ones in light blue, yellow or pink.

A casual version of suit jacket and dress shirt is a combination of polo shirt and sport jacket. Such combination can be worn with dark jeans or khakis for any smart casual event you would need to attend. If you have a trimmed body, it is okay to get the fitter version of these guy’s clothes. Say, you are a bit chubby. If you know how to dress smart, choose sizes that provide allowance at the sides so that they would not hug your body that much and expose the love handles you ought to cover. Choose cotton or cotton-polyester for your polo shirts so that you can be assured of comfort. As for the sport jacket, select a material that is easy to maintain.

Do you want to run errands in fashion? Wear khakis in beige color. Most men prefer them because of the comfort and the style they bring to the wearers. You can top khakis with typical shirts under your favourite sweater. The good thing about these khakis is that they can be worn with sneakers or with suede shoes. For warmer days, wear sweaters made of thin materials. You can root for thicker ones like wool during colder months. Instead of a round neck, go for a v-neck one as it makes your collar open up naturally.

Finish off the wardrobe for men that you are building with excellent shoe choices. In fact, you can do away with a pair of sneakers in classic design and a pair of dress shoes in either black or dark brown shade. Go for branded shoes, they could be a bit pricey but you can bet on the material used for their make. Genuine leather, for one, can last serve you in numerous formal and semi-formal gatherings in years.

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