Our faith is our shield, and it is very much needed in the days and age we live in. It has never been harder for a Christian to live his or her life by the strict edicts of God’s command than it is now. God demands witness, and when so many nonbelievers take pride in their blasphemy and declare ardently that “God is dead”. We are God’s soldiers and must stand firm.

This was never meant to be an easy path to walk. What’s the old saying? The path to Hell is straight and broad? We have to constantly be reaching for an unattainable goal, which many Christians find discouraging. Revelations 3:16 warns us about the risks of falling into the pits of Christian complacency. God has no tolerance for people who do not serve Him to the best of their ability. Our duties to God cannot be taken lightly.

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Fellow Christians know that the first few moments of conversation with a nonbeliever can sometimes be the most critical. Overcoming a person’s deep-seeded prejudices about Christianity can be difficult at best, and near impossible at worst. Christian t-shirts help to jump that hurdle by giving the discussion of faith a jumping-off point. Of course, sharing your faith through a Christian t-shirt is also just another way to silently witness to everyone you pass.

Christian t-shirts not only help spread the word of God, but they help you reaffirm your faith to those around you every day. Whether at the supermarket or at a local high-school football game, those you encounter will have no doubt as to your love of Jesus. Are we supposed to hide our faith under a bushel basket, or shout it from the mountaintops? I believe you should all know the answer to that question in your hearts. So consider a purchase of a Christian t-shirt from The-Christian-Connection and help strengthen your testimony within your community. The-Christian-Connection: Christian T-Shirts for Christians, BY Christians.

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