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Promotional products are items that you order with your business name or logo printed on them for marketing reasons. The general concept is that you order a plank shirt or a blank pen, but that you first add your design to it to ensure that your product relates to your business. This then gives your company its own promotional merchandise and allows you to give out items that will act as a form of advertising foor your company. Normally then you will give these promotional products out at events, or will sell them for a small price, and the concept then is that this way you spread the promotional products among the general public. The hope being then that the public will use your items and that then as a result they will be promoting your business for you as though you were there sponsors – they wear your promotional merchandise around n public, people see the logo or try and read the information, and then they decide to try visiting your website, or bear your company in mind when they are trying to decide on a service to use for a specific task.

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