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However it will be at a sufficiently reduced rate to allow you to sell the on further at a profit.
There are many different types of promotional merchandise that you can use in order to promote your business, and the ones you choose to use will partly depend on your business and your budget. The promotional products that you can give away are pretty much limitless depending on the company you use, but certain items are still more commonly used for promotional purposes than others – due to their size, or their affordable nature, or because they will provide a lot of space to bear your logo or company name.
Among those most popular promotional items are custom clothing such as promotional t-shirts and custom baseball caps, drawstring bags, lanyards, custom USB sticks, custom mugs and custom pens. The one you choose to go for for your own business will affect how you go about distributing your items. For example custom pens are small enough and cheap enough that you can just hand them out to business partners and at trade shows etc, while something like custom clothing you may have to be more sparing with.

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