Customized t-shirts are slowly gaining popularity because they allow people to wear their fashion statements on sleeves. The customized t –shirts are perceived as walking advertisements and they help to boost the brand value of the company, and team. Today there are many companies which give away customized t-shirts to promote their brand image.

Following are some of the popular types of custom t-shirts-

• Custom sports t-shirts – These shirts help to boost the brand image of a particular game or sport. Like we all associate personalized jerseys with foot balls, and baseball players. Similarly we associate polo necked shirts with the golf players, etc.

• Custom team t-shirts – These shirts help to boost the image of team. A particular colored team t-shirt is the one which helps us to differentiate two teams on the field.

• Custom performance t-shirts- This t-shirts are manufactured for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes and they are characterized by their odor control capabilities, moisture wicking and breathability. Custom dry –fit t-shirts are type of performance t-shirts which are worn by players or people involved in heavy sports because it helps to absorb moisture. Bamboo shirts and polyester t-shirts are also used as performance t-shirts.

Personalized or customized t-shirts are accepted by all classes of society and people find them appealing too.

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