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Vintage clothing from the 1950’s and 60’s is back in style at the moment. High street shops are making clothes that mimic the style from this time. From flowing a-line style skirts for women to tailored suits and thin ties for men, it has never been cooler to dress like a mod.

Mod clothing is a style which was well-liked in the 1960’s. It was especially favored in the south of the UK – specifically London and Brighton. Men who wearing Mod clothing wore well tailored suits, classy leather shoes and fur-lined parka coats. Today, you will find Mod clothing in specialized shops and in major brand clothes stores – especially on London’s Carnaby Street.

Truly vintage Mod clothing is a little hard to find and quite expensive, especially if the item is in good condition. If you are desperate for a truly vintage suit, check e-bay or visit vintage shops in London, Brighton or your closest big city. Ask the person working there if they have anything from the 1950’s or 60’s in stock. Even if they don’t, they can point you in the right direction. However there are alternatives to buying true vintage clothes.

The Mod style is copied by shopping at designer outlets that specialize in that style, or by choosing items that mimic the look.For men, long thin ties and a well fitted suit in brown or gray will give you a ‘mod’ look. For woman, a miniskirt and sweater, or a short dress in a solid bold color with a belt across the waist. A short bob haircut or half beehive and side swept fringe will complete the look. The high street chain Peacocks often sell mod style dresses, and SirenLondon’s designer clothing store is an excellent source of mod style clothing. It’s very kind to your budget, very well made and well worth the money if you want the mod look.

The high st chain Peacocks regularly sell mod style dresses, and SirenLondon’s designer clothing store is a brilliant source of mod style clothing. It’s very kind to your financial position, very well made and well worth the cash if you would like the mod look.

The mod clothing style is similar to styles in the 1920’s and 30’s, when it was common to see men wearing suits. Today, men customarily only dress in suits for work, and informal clothes are jeans and t-shirts, which look less formal and relaxed. The mod clothing style was all about looking put together and trendy. Liam and Noel Gallagher are known to dress in the mod style, as well as Paul Weller and the band the Rifles. Use these style icons to guide you the next time .

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