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Fashion is highly mercurial. Sometimes, these trends, whether talking about clothes, jewelry, cars and so on, can make little sense. However, it is said that one man’s meat is another one’s poison. The illogical fashion and ever changing tastes are a source of profit for many businesses. The latest entrant into this fray is the tire tread ring.

These are rings etched with tracks resembling covering strides. They can be made with a variety of materials, with gold being one of the most popular. There are several varieties of it, since it is generally alloyed with other metals to attain different characteristics.

One of this is that it offers good value for money. Titanium is not as expensive as gold and silver, yet it makes jewelry that is arguably just as beautiful. It also has a higher coolness factor than its main competitors, partly attributable to the fact that some aerospace components are made out of it.

Another advantage is that it retains its color and finish over time. It does not fade, chip or oxidize and also tremendously durable. Unlike some metals, such as rhodium coated white bullion, it does not need to be coated or reworked constantly to retain its finish. It is also hypoallergenic, meaning its suitable for use by anybody.

In addition, it does not corrode, rust or discolor. Manufacturers use a high quality grade, comparable to what is used to make aircraft grade, to mold these charms. This ensures that the resulting jewelry is not only attractive, but tremendously durable. They can be engraved with a variety of designs to make them even more attractive.

Yellow metallic element is mixed with copper or zinc, while rose colored gold is alloyed with copper among other metals. White bullion is mixed with silver, palladium and other bright metals; sometimes it is then coated with rhodium to make it whiter. It should be noted that if a tire tread ring is coated with rhodium, then regular coating should be done because it fades over time.

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