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Since their beginnings, many different dance halls, venues, and nightclubs have increased their business and drawn in customers by holding theme nights and other special events; often on specific nights of the week, such as the underwear party Chicago is famed for. Event nights and themed parties are often very popular for those attending because they are fun and offer the chance to unwind a little. Themes vary a lot but there are a few which seem to be popular across the board.

Special events and theme nights draw people in because they are surprising and intriguing. It is very common for these nights to have a dress up or costume aspect. The different themes for parties and events are incredibly varied, but the most popular tend to be character based, such as celebrities, or based on some period in time, just as the 70s.

Specialized clubs that cater to certain groups of people often throw events which are more customized. For instance, in many gay clubs, events such as drag shows are very common. That being said, there really are no restrictions as to which clubs hold which types of events, some are just a better fit for more specialized venues.

Undergarment events shot to popularity in the early to mid 1990s and are still popular in many cities today. While they are not for everyone, they are definitely exciting and fun and many people enjoy going to them immensely. Undergarment events are just how they sound; club goers strip down to their skivvies and party the night away.

In addition to dancing, undergarment events also usually include other fun aspects, including themed drinks, drag shows, and sexiest competitions. The goal for most people is to wear the tiniest and sexiest undergarments they own, however, some people just wear more simply pieces. Because of the sensitive nature of events such as this one, there are usually rules for attendees to follow.

There are decency laws in place in most cities, so event attendees are often asked to make sure they are adequately covered. This would rule out the option for people to wear anything that may be see through or have holes which are inappropriately placed. If there is every a question as to how appropriate something may be, attendees would do well to bring something to work as a cover up.

These parties, while fun to attend and participate in, are also a joy for many to go to even if they do not fully participate. Not everyone is completely comfortable with stripping down to their undergarments and parading around for everyone to see. Fully clothed club goers are completely welcome at most event as well.

Having times where one can feel liberated and free is important to an overall well rounded life, the kind of underwear party Chicago offers is such an event. Not everyone will feel this by attending an undergarment party, of course, but some people do find them worthwhile. If nothing else, they are a fun way to spend the night out with friends and do something that not everyone can say they have done.

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