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For this reason drawstring bags are a highly recommended promotional gift as the user gets to keep them while it won’t cost you lots.

Drawstring bags also have a range of purposes and many people will wear them as backpacks around town meaning that the logo gets maximum exposure. At the same time though they are often reserved for gym use, which will give your business the positive associations of health and fitness that will make your business seem more conscientious and attractive.

Drawstring bags finally are very good from the perspective that they offer a lot of space for logos and promotional material. The surface area of drawstring bags is large enough that you could literally cover it in writing and images, but at the same time it will be constantly outside being exposed to the world. Even with promotional t-shirts you have the risk that the wearer will put on a coat or jumper and that the promotional t-shirt will then be hidden behind the jumper where it won’t be seen. With a bag however the logo will always be on the outside and be prominent.

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