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The first good thing about the promotional drawstring bags is that they are cheap to produce. That means that as a business you can order them on mass and that in turn means that you can give them away very generously and freely. This makes your company look more generous and successful if they are able to just dish out gifts to everyone they come into contact with and will help your clients and customers to warm to your business. At the same time the more of your promotional gifts you give out, the more you will be spreading the branding and the logo. You want as many people to have these as possible.

One of the other very cheap types of promotional merchandise is of course promotional pens. These are highly easy to order in bulk and will cost you barely anything to give away with great generosity. However unlike drawstring bags these only get a few uses before being discarded whereas drawstring bags are something that can last for a very long time and be genuinely practical for weeks to come.

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