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If I were to say that we are experiencing the biggest threat to individual freedom that the United States of America has ever endured, you may call be a paranoid fool. You would be wrong in your assumptions, however, because the stars are perfectly aligned against everything the Founding Fathers had intended for us. We were always meant to be focused on God, Guns, and Family…which is why we should be promoting these things vehemently with our words, our prayers, and our political gun tees.

By wearing pro gun gear, we are promoting much more than having a gun in our house. We are promoting edicts that are handed down from God Himself through his Scripture. In the Book of Luke, Scripture tells us that if we don’t own a weapon…we should sell our goods and buy one. That means that despite being a God of peace, He demands that we be ready to defend ourselves, and Him, at a moment’s notice.

Nothing is important than God’s Will, but our families come in at a very close second. If you are not prepared to defend the lives of your family to the very end, then you are certainly no kind of man worthy of having a family. That is a harsh statement, but one that I mean vehemently. Own a gun if you love your family, and wear cool gun shirts to help bring attention to the cause.

The most obvious thing that supporting gun rights with supportive gun t-shirts accomplishes is raising awareness of gun right issues in America today. Gun ownership is on the rise, but oppressive gun laws are being born every day. Why is this, I wonder? Why are politicians trying to hard to pulls guns from the hands of responsible gun owners? I believe that Americans owning guns keeps Washington in check may have something to do with it.

Find the best gun tees you can, wear them, and find out something amazing. If you’re wearing a gun shirt that really engages the mind and imagination of those around you, then you will have the most wonderful conversations you’ve ever had with complete strangers. The shirt is your foot through the front door. It’s up to you to win these people to the cause of God, Family, and Guns.

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