In the past, the public spot light has focused on certain well-known gentlemen who appear to think that dressing in a suit and tie is “old-school.” A lot of these new age men, think that laid-back attire states an air of self esteem, debonair and creativity. While this may very well be the case for many whose artistic talent speaks for itself, it will be very unlikely that business or professional men are likely to be taken seriously while exhibiting a dress shirt with the top button unfastened.

Certainly, the tie and formal suit have had their detractors. Distinctively noose-like neckwear worn with tightly buttoned neck and sleeves is not always endearing or practical, but it does give one a certain air of credibility. Even men who scoff at the idea of traditional business dress know that a suit and tie are likely to be taken more seriously than any other acceptable male attire. A tie signifies power and status. Going tieless is usually seen to be a habit of someone who is vain and insincere, or values presentation over true substance.

Although sometimes seen as stuffy, nothing says authority like a suit and tie, even if the tie is fun or unconventional. Ties are the single piece of acceptable male attire that allows flamboyance and imagination. Indeed, a suit worn without one just looks wrong, while even denim jeans can be dressed up with collared shirts and silk ties. Even young, devil-may-care types recognize the elegant and dapper image that the right tie can furnish.

Neckties come in an unimaginable array of widths, lengths, fabrics, colors and patterns. From leather ties to cotton ties, male neckwear need not be boring or prudish. Silk ties are available for any type of wear, from favorite hobby or sports team themes to classic single tone and sophisticated patterns, when a more prestigious image needs to be portrayed.

Accepting possible risks by putting on original neckwear is simple and acceptable, even just in the staunchest of conventional enclaves. Good mixtures of designs and colors could very well hone our reputation in a nanosecond. After all, monotone shirts can be easily paired with either designed or solid hued neckties. Even more than a couple of styles between shirt, suit and tie shouldn’t be suggested in the exact same clothing, nevertheless numerous stripe sizes are generally impressive, whenever effectively combined.

Shirt and tie colors don’t need to match, but utilizing solid shirt and tie tones, in distinct shades of the same hue, produces a perfectly put-together look. Contrasting tie and shirt colors may give suitable and interesting apparel makeup.

A black, grey or any other normal colored suit is often found in most men’s wardrobe. If one suit will be all you need, a well fitted black suit, and a crisp, white shirt certainly is the easiest to match along with any collection of neckwear.

It is important to look good all the time. Make sure that you have enough silk ties to create multiple options with your suits. Ties add variety even if you don’t have many suits.

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