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For most of us, when we think of custom printed or photo mugs we probably think of drinking, tea, coffee or some other hot beverage out of a unique and attractive mug. That is right, but do you know there are plenty of other uses for the custom mugs within your home? It never hurts to have a custom photo mug readily available for drinking coffee, but you can also do something a bit different and use it for other reasons besides drinking. Use your custom mugs to decorate your home as described below:

Display your custom mugs in a cabinet


It is a fact that mugs are not the most stylish type of drink ware available, but if they are decorated properly, printed coffee mugs can fit perfectly into your cabinet. To perfectly showcase your custom mugs, ensure that they are of different pictures, designs, colors and etchings. You also want to tie your custom printed mugs into your kitchen perfectly, so ensure they match the kitchen theme.

Spice up those boring shelves

Custom photo mugs that come in bright eye catching colors can add a perfect burst of color to any of your rooms. However, they should fit within your space and should be designed in a way that they spice up your shelves and bring a sense of life.

Make them into flower pots

It is not a must for you to have plants in pots or vases throughout your house; think of replanting some of the potted plants in a custom photo mug to add a little touch to boring flowers or plants. They can fit well into any sunroom or kitchen and that is the best part about custom mugs.

Add custom photo mugs to a living room to show off your family

A good thing about printed or photo mug companies is that they allow you to put virtually everything and anything on the mugs. You love your family, so think of having family pictures printed on your coffee mugs and place them within your living room, kitchen or any room that is used throughout the year for display.

Custom mugs can be used for anything to create perfect accents in your home. And you can have anything printed on them; all you need is to be creative when choosing texts or pictures to be painted or printed on them.

If you are looking to have a variety of affordable yet stylish custom photo mugs, think of a company that knows how to go about it in a unique and stunning way. At PromoPays, we do in house print production of custom mugs and tote bags, so we do not involve a middleman. We offer faster turn around times when printing custom photo mugs and the best part is that they are unique, of quality and quite affordable. If you are looking for custom photo mugs to gift someone or have them decorate your home, do not hesitate to contact us at any time of the day.

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