Christmas is fast approaching and with the cooking of the turkey, putting up the decorations and the endless list of presents, things can get tough. The men in our lives make it no easier as we are met with shrugging shoulders and ambiguous responses when suggesting Christmas gift ideas. But there’s no need to throw up your hands or rip out your hair, there is an easy solution. Handmade Christmas gift ideas can be a great way of showing you’ve gone the extra mile. Continue reading for more advice and ideas about one of a kind gifts.

For lovers of the great outdoors, there is an ocean of Christmas gift ideas to encourage him to be more active (or simply get him out the house!) Practical gifts like trekking, fishing or travelling accessories can be just the incentive for him to get up and get going! You could choose practical but stylish hats, scarves and gloves to keep the icy cold at bay while he’s out and about. However, if he’s far from the outdoorsy type, bring the great outdoors in with handcrafted gifts inspired by nature like sculptural glass work or unique pieces of wall art which depict nature’s beauty. The world is your oyster!

Does your man enjoy the finer things in life? Handmade Christmas gift ideas can reflect how sleek and stylish he considers himself! Sterling silver cufflinks and Italian leather belts are just a few timelessly classic accessories that are sure to go down a treat. If he enjoys a tipple, there are stunning pieces of glassware and intricately designed bottle stands, coolers and wine stoppers to enhance even the most sophisticated of soires!

If you’re buying for a technology fanatic who has every gadget imaginable, exploring handmade Christmas gifts, like handcrafted iPad cases will add a personal touch and sense of individuality to your present. Gifts that are both decorative and functional are a great way to please even the most particular tech-head! However, if you’re buying for a more conventional type who might prefer old-fashioned pen to paper, try beautifully designed notebooks, diaries and pens to bring a classic touch to a practical present.

Exploring unique Christmas gift ideas does not have to be as difficult as it seems. Buying online is a convenient way of sourcing beautiful, unique and unexpected gifts. A handcrafted gift is unique, special and individually made- handmade by artists who love their work. Half the work is done for you; you just need to choose the right one! connects designer makers with people looking to discover unique items. We make it easy and more personal to buy handmade cufflinks – from leather accessories and handmade iPad covers to fresh and affordable handmade gifts for men.

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